Repairs and Services

We can arrange experienced service engineers who offer a full on-site service facility throughout The Midlands, Central, Southern, South East, South West of England & South Wales.

We service most non-motorised, wheeled equipment including roll cage containers, retail trolleys, pallet trucks, general warehouse and storage equipment. Also included, our specialist division maintain and repair all equipment used in the funeral business.

Roll cage repair specialists

M. R Handling are roll cage container repair specialists which are also known as roll cages, roll containers, or dollies. Roll cage containers are typically made of metal and are used to transport and store goods. For example, they are commonly used in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. Our roll cage container repair specialists' can repair a variety of different types of damage to roll cage containers, including:

  • Bent or twisted tubing
  • Cracked or broken welds
  • Damaged mesh or grating
  • Missing or damaged wheels or casters
  • Damaged or missing hardware

Roll cage container repair specialists can also repair custom roll cage containers and roll cage containers that are used in specialised applications, such as food processing or healthcare. Crucially, by having your roll cage containers repaired by a qualified specialist, you can extend their lifespan and ensure that they are safe to use.

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